How To Cut Your Own Hair

Learning a few right steps about how to cut your own hair, will bring the expert hairstylist out of you instantly! Let’s take a glance at the steps that will convert your status from ‘an amateur hairdresser’ to ‘an expert hairstylist’!

Primarily, clean hair is the necessity of this formula to learn how to cut your own hair.
Do not make the blunder of skipping this step, as cutting freshly washed hair will make your haircut look best. You must have noticed that wetting your hair is the first step of all the salons.

A spray bottle will help you to dampen your hair if you do not wish to soak your hair. Comb your hair well to start with the cutting.

The next step to learn about how to cut your own hair
is combing your hair straight and stopping for about a half inch before your hair end.
Working in half-inch increments will give you better results. In this way, you will get the feel of having hair to work with.
Leave your fingers at the point where you want to cut and ensure your fingers are in straight position and not an angle.

Line the scissors up at that point with your fingers straight and slice. Make sure that hair are falling down in an even manner and maintain the same distance at both ends from the head from your fingers. Before starting to cut hair in the middle, finish cutting on both sides.

The center area of the head will guide you about the length until which the hair should be cut. Do not try to make alterations back and forth, as you have the risk of cutting your hair shorter than you wanted. You can cut one side of hair in the way you want it and accordingly cut the other side with reference of the first one.

If you are hoping for a layer cut, different lengths cutting is required and ensure that all the cuts are on a sharp angle.

If you long for hair to be of similar length, cutting the center area and making your desired length is all that you need to do. Do not tilt your scissors while cutting the hair.

A professional way of learning to cut your hair is doing beginners’ hairdressing course, which is a few days matter. Learning from basic steps in the professional manner will gradually shift you towards advanced and more challenging hairstyles.

Being self hairstylist is not just about cutting the hair, but updating yourself about latest and trendy hair styles, how to cut your own hair in different hair styles, such as short hair, long hair, layer cut is also essential.
The beginners’ course to cut hair also makes you aware about other beauty enriches for the hair, like highlights, blow dry, coloring, perming, straitening, curling, etc.

Before starting the experiment of how to cut your own hair on yourself, it is always advisable to practice well on a dummy head with wig on it. Until you become a proficient in how to cut your own hair, you have no other better option! If your family and friends will come to know about your newly learned skill they will feel happy, as it will be a great time saver as well as money saver for them.

After all, you are the best connoisseur of their taste! It is actually easy to become a self-hairdresser once you know how to cut your own hair in own fashion. Apart from saving time and money factor, this can give you a great satisfaction doing the job on your own. You can do it anytime, on any event or occasion, where you want to look perfect. Many people, who know the basic steps of Grooming hair prefer to cut their hair at home with their choice, in their way.

These days, internet is the best source when it comes to learning to cut hair. This is useful not only for women but also for men who wish to learn. Men are no longer behind the women nowadays when it comes to beauty! Once men are aware about there hair cut they can prove to be great competitors for women. It is really a fun thing apart from being a process of learning how to cut hair.

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