Hair cutting techniques

Hair forms one of the essential part of the body and it speaks a lot about a person’s personality in many ways. Therefore hair needs that perfect cut which will leave one looking smart consequently boosting his or her confidence and finally promoting one’s personality. This can be achieved by use of different hair cutting techniques depending on the type of hair/texture, occasion, age, sex, dress, facial characteristics and other factors. These hair cutting techniques may include the following:-

Slide cutting; this type of hair cutting is entirely determined by the facial characteristics and the nature of hair (whether the hair is soft or hard, curly or not curly). This technique reduces the weight of the hair and creates some sort of texture to the hair which in most cases is desirable. This technique is mostly recommended for those people with curly hair as opposed to those with fine hair.

Razor cutting; this is one of the common hair cutting techniques that is aimed at in reducing the weight of thick hair. This method is also one of the oldest technique that has been used in cutting hair. When this method is used, it increases bounciness to the curls of the hair, general movement of the hair and also it adds softness to the facial features.

Slicing; slicing technique is mostly used in creating distinct tresses in the hair and in most cases the tool that is used in cutting the hair is scissors. This is achieved by sliding scissors through the hair leading to a feathered finish. This technique is very common with people especially women who have hair which is neither too thick nor too fine but medium in terms of thickness.

Graduation; this is one of the common hair cutting techniques where by the hair that is to the front is longer as compared to the hair that is to the back. This therefore means that when cutting hair using this technique, the one at the back must always be shorter as compared to that to the one in front. This technique is mostly used when one is interested in inverted hairstyles which are commonly referred to as inverted bob hairstyles and it is preferable to those people with hair which is moderately thick unlike those with thick hair as this method will create a lot of hair volume (with thick hair) which may not be desirable after all.

Point cutting; this technique is mostly used when one wants to soften the bluntness which results from an haircut. This is applicable to all types of hair ranging from those which are thick to those that are fine.

Layering; layering is one of the hair cutting techniques that is used in cutting hair and it is very common to those people with both thick and fine hair. When hair is layered, its volume is reduced while its texture and volume is increased thus making it more versatile than before. This method is mostly recommended as it makes thick and fine hair to move with a lot of easiness as compared to the other techniques which are used in cutting hair.