How To Cut Your Own Hair For Men


A person can save on time and money by deciding to groom their own hair. If a person likes keeping short hair then they will benefit from advice on how to cut their hair at home. Be cautious about how you go about it since some mistakes tend to be costly. With the right resources a person can easily give themselves a professional haircut.
You need to be very attentive when you are cutting your hair; there is no room for experiments here. During the first attempts a person may find the task challenging for them. After you have trimmed your hair three or more times it becomes easier for you.
Before you embark on the task you need to check the length of your hair. Once this is determined you should decide on how long it should be after the haircut. When a person is cutting their own hair for the first time it is advisable for them to trim it slightly. In the event that you make a mistake you have enough hair length to correct your mistake.

After you have gathered all the tools needed to trim your hair you have to wash it so as to make your job easier. The net step after cleaning it is combing it straight. In the event that you do not want to wash the hair you can wet it using a spray bottle. It is easier to cut damp hair because it is thicker.
If you have long or medium hair then it is advisable for you to use scissors. It is not possible for someone with really short hair to use scissors since they cannot hold a clump of their hair between their middle finger and the index finger. It is better to use hair clipper for really short hair.
Once you have grabbed some clumps of hair with your fingers check to see how much is left showing above our fingers. The hair showing above your fingers is the one that you are supposed to cut. Beginners are advised to cut less than the hair above their fingers.
Adjust your fingers until you have the amount of hair you want to cut. Once the desired hair length is visible cut it using the scissors. Every time you make one cut take your time and look in the mirror. If you notice that something is amiss stop trimming your hair and try to figure out where you went wrong. Sometimes a person can fix their mistake by cutting their hair some more.
After each cut a person is supposed to confirm that their hair length is the same. If there is irregularities then use the clump to even them out. Once you are done with the scissors you can use clippers to trim behind their ears, sideburns and behind their neck.
Electric clips are used regardless of the hairstyle you want. People who maintain short hair can use it on their entire head. Use scissors for longer hair and only use the electric clip for the final touches.